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Because in most salons all over the world, and even in homes, people use hooded/bonnet hair dryers for hairstyles and treatments. The bonnet hair dryer isn’t just that big plastic dome you see at hair salons. 2. Once you have taken a seat underneath, your hair stylist will slowly lower the dome over your head. Still, I tucked the precious transcript safely away, in fear that it would be the only thing outside of old stories that I would have to connect with my roots. The most important thing is that it comes with the best feature and that is why you can easily use it to achieve any kind of hairstyle you have always wanted to achieve. People with shorter hair, for example, can have their hairstyle set in 20 minutes or less, whereas those with longer hair require longer heat exposure, closer to an hour, to set their curls. In fact, many users mist their dry hair with just enough water to enable the curls to set as they dry. As a matter of fact, it’s not even a new invention. Because it’s can fit with any size of human head shape. You can opt for higher wattage if you have extremely thick and long hair.

pill blue plastic coating shiny bid blue yellow But we can still uncover our roots together, and take comfort in the knowledge that our ancestors have been through tough times, too. This product is highly portable and you can take it along with you. This is usually due to differences in hair thickness and texture: some types of hair simply take longer to dry and set than others. It’s simple: set your slightly damp hair in curlers, put the bonnet over your hair, and let the dryer work its magic. You need to arrange the curlers evenly, and your hair needs to be just damp enough to set. Damp vs. dry: Any experienced user of a bonnet hair dryer will tell you that the secret to getting the look you want is setting your hair correctly. While you could use the bonnet with wet hair straight from the shower, you’ll get far better results with slightly damp hair.

Use your favorite hair treatments and oils while your hair is wet, apply a plastic cap, and sit under the hooded dryer for 20 minutes. While my aunt is just a phone call away, I may decide to connect with my second cousin and see what more I could learn about my grandfather from her. After her husband died in 1938, she carried on bravely with my grandfather and his brothers — ages 18, 19 and 24 — in South Dakota. Even though the descriptions weren’t specific to my family, they helped unfreeze the black-and-white photographs and gave me some context for the time period. Even though I can’t have that, it felt like something connected inside me. I have my own experience with my family members. The next step in my family history journey was a DNA testing service. There are aspects of my family history that no app or service could’ve told me about.

The app is helping me narrow down German estates that are still open to visit in Stadtallendorf and Hessen that my family might’ve lived in. She’d probably curse in German and disappear into the kitchen if I told her about Facebook. And I have no doubt that Pa George and my Grandma Dottie, the social butterflies of the family, would’ve cultivated an active, wholesome presence on Facebook. It wouldn’t have turned up the show poster of Grandma Dottie headlining in Hello Dolly. As I worked through the basics — nouns, pronouns, greetings, introductions — I wondered what it would be like to have been able to speak to Nana in her native language. Speaking the language she spoke was one more way I could keep her memory alive. Her slight frame, impeccable manners and prompt tea times, however, didn’t prevent her from exclaiming “Prost!” (cheers) whenever my sister or I burped too loudly, and the rare curse word (in either language).

For me, the most difficult part of coronavirus lockdowns has been not seeing my parents and sister — and admitting to myself that I didn’t visit them enough when the world was open for the taking. It’s become a way for us to connect and learn more together, which has taken on a new meaning now that we can’t visit each other due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It comes with a hood having a diameter more than a foot, meaning it’s able to accommodate the biggest of the roller sizes available out there. Little did I know that by 2020, we would have a suite of technology services that would teach me more about not only my grandparents but their grandparents, too — giving me a new way to understand myself. As I dug deeper into the family photo albums and boxes at my parents’ house, I turned to Google Lens, the search engine’s image-recognition technology.

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